As unique as our recipe.

Ketchups and tomato pastes Neli bring great taste and aroma into all of your culinary creations. Thanks to our own and proven recipe you will get products with traditional tomato flavor and totally natural color. The right price, the Czech origin of the product, and appealing designs are additional bonuses of this product line.

Tomato pastes and ketchups are presented in glass as well as in practical plastic bottles. The ketchup line up comes in different weights and flavors. The product composition can be customized to suit your requirements or we can develop a completely new recipe just for you.

 KetchupKetchupKetchupKetchupTomato Purée KetchupTomato Purée KetchupTomato Purée
 300 g500 g490 g / 500g900 g5 kg10 kg3,7 kg
weight300 g500 g490 g / 500g900 g5 kg10 kg3,7 kg
shelf life1 year1 year1 year1 year1 year1 year1 year