Traditional home made taste. But from Neli.

Mayonnaise and tartar sauces Neli are created either according to our own recipes, or to the specifications of our customers. In either case, we use the finest ingredients. The foundation of the thick and creamy consistency with an excellent flavor are vegetable oils and dried egg yolks. The great taste is a result of a careful balance of the finest ingredients, making this product a splendid and flavorful condiment for a variety of dishes. For your convenience, our products come in assortment of sizes, both in glass and plastic.

 Mayonnaise / Mayonnaise lightMayonnaise / Mayonnaise lightMayonnaise / Mayonnaise lightMayonnaiseMayonnaise
 250 ml500 g450 ml5 kg10 kg
packagingsklo / glass / Glassklo / glass / GlasPPPPPP
content250 ml500g450 ml5 kg10 kg
shelf life6 months6 months6 months6 months6 months